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ABOUT The SOIL Foundation

After an awakening encountered on his journey to the Himalayan Mountains in India – on his first Naked and Afraid adventure – Hakim returned home with a vision to help veterans, civil servants and youth find peace, strength and reconnection through exposure and immersion in nature.  Upon his return, Hakim began the process of creating The SOIL Foundation.  


SOIL stands for "Seeds of Indigenous Learning," as through Hakim's experience of living off the land he believes that early people discovered a certain harmony and balance in life through nature.  It is through a commune with nature that people can release and heal from traumatic experiences, emotional challenges and over-active lifestyles. 


The SOIL Foundation is a 501c3 with a mission to provide a safe, natural, and tranquil environment to teach primitive and modern self-reliance techniques.  Its goal is to be a medium for empowering, healing, and connecting individuals through an immersion in nature.


The foundation's primary focus is on providing primitive and non-primitive wilderness retreats for military and civil service personnel (law enforcement, firefighters, etc.) that have suffered from overwhelming stress while in service to our country and communities - stress that has manifested in their personal life as a series of mental and emotional challenges which impede them from living healthy, happy and connected lives.  

The foundation's secondary purpose is to provide excursions for troubled and underprivileged youth and their families.  These excursions provide a safe place to get away and deal with the emotional challenges and social struggles of modern youth.

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